CLIENT SATISFACTION – We realize selecting a maintenance company can be a tedious decision on your part. We admit that we are enthusiastically looking for a decision in our favor. As an additional incentive to you if, after 2 weeks you are not extremely pleased with our services there will be no charge and the contract can be terminated. This will assure you that your facilities will be given the type of attention it deserves.

OUR CONTRACT – All contracts are designed to meet the specific needs of each client. With this hands on approach we are able to best serve management, provide quality, respond promptly and communicate properly.

QUALITY CONTROL – We program definite schedules to assure compliance with your company needs. All facilities are supervised with inspection reports monitoring all work performance. Aside from our normal service we direct all unusual or “should be done” matters to our clients.


HIRING – In consideration of the money invested in training personnel, it is understood that no employee of Superior Maintenance shall be hired during or for a period of six (6) months after the termination of this contract.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – All personnel will report any evidence of security breaches, damage, breakage and plumbing problems immediately to their supervisor. Their supervisor will in turn leave notice for building management and/or designated individual of the problems.

INSURANCE – Superior Maintenance Unlimited agrees to provide you documentation of (1) Certificate of Liability ($2,000,000) and (2) Proof of Bond. Should the documents expire during the time of this agreement, we agree to provide you with updated ones. We pay Social Security and Unemployment Insurance.

SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENET – We will furnish all janitorial supplies and equipment necessary to perform the work as outlined in this proposal. Our equipment shall meet all the applicable industrial codes as established O.S.H.A., other industrial associations and all local government regulations. All equipment shall be maintained in good working order while assigned to your facility. This agreement does not include supplies such as paper towels, toilet tissue, seat covers, hand soap, sanitary napkins, deodorants, trash liner.

TERMINATION – This agreement may be cancelled upon negligence on the part of Superior Maintenance to perform agreed duties, or continual late or non-payment by your company. Thirty (30) day cancellation notice is required.

TERMS – Bills are sent on the 1st of each month. Payment is due on the first day of the following month will be considered late if not received by the tenth of day of said month.

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